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The bankruptcy law experts at the Law Office of Charles Huber volunteer legal assistance to members of the Ferguson, MO community who have experienced hardships due to ongoing unrest

The Law Office of Charles Huber will now be offering free legal advice and assistance to residents of Ferguson, MO in need.

In response to the ongoing civil unrest in Ferguson, which has been taking place since August, the Missouri Bar Association reached out to lawyers throughout the state to gather those willing to provide legal assistance, according to Charles Huber, Principal.

The Mound City Bar Association and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri are largely organizing volunteer efforts. Missouri residents whose legal concerns stem from the turmoil in Ferguson now have access to free legal services of all kinds through the more than 100 attorneys who have volunteered. This pro bono legal help encompasses issues like property damage, insurance claims, consumer protection, legal document replacement and a variety of other civil legal matters.

Huber, who specializes in bankruptcy law, says he plans to help people who have come across financial hardships and may need to file bankruptcy as a result.

I signed up to help anyone who might need to file bankruptcy because either their place of employment was destroyed -- as in burned down by the looters -- or if someone had a loss of income because they could not get out of the neighborhood to go to their job, Huber explains.

Huber says the events in Ferguson have hit close to home, and wanted to be able to help anyone who might be experiencing undue financial hardship as a result of the Ferguson conflict.

I wanted to be able to help people who lived or worked in the area, who were victims of the unrest, through no fault of their own, and might not get much attention or sympathy for their plight, he says.

Those seeking legal assistance should call the Missouri Bars toll-free Disaster Recovery Legal Assistance Hotline at 1-(800)-829-4128. All calls are screened, then referred to volunteer attorneys who will then offer free legal consultations and advice over the phone to those impacted by the violence, looting and vandalism in Ferguson.

About the Law Office of Charles Huber:

The Law Office of Charles Huber is a St. Louis; Missouri based private law practice that provides legal services to clients with bankruptcy and traffic issues. Charles H. Huber is a member of the Missouri State Bar Association and has been practicing law for 30 years. For more information on the Law Office of Charles Huber, visit

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