DeMarb goes for broke in commercial bankruptcy

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Published: Monday, 05 January 2015
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  • DeMarb goes for broke in commercial bankruptcy
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Bankruptcy Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Reaching Potential Clients Via Twitter

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Published: Monday, 05 January 2015
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The DiTocco Law Group PLLC has a new Twitter account for those interested in informative tweets about bankruptcy law in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 01//02/15 Twitter users interested in learning more about bankruptcy law in Fort Lauderdale should follow Tony DiTocco and the skilled team at the DiTocco Law Group’s Twitter account. The firm understands the popularity of Twitter and other social networking sites and decided to establish an account for tweets about the latest in Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy law. The firms Twitter account is a great resource for anybody in need of an experiencedbankruptcy attorney but are unsure of where to look. Twitter users are encouraged to check out the page the next time they log on for more information.

Twitter users can follow the DiTocco Twitter account at their handle:@DiToccoLawGroup and they can check out all sorts of tweets the firm has posted as well as read comments from others and start a dialogue about anything to do with bankruptcy. Twitter is unique in that it can bring a lot of different people together to discuss a subject like chapter 7 bankruptcy in Fort Lauderdale.

Taking advantage of Twitter is just one of the many ways the DiTocco Law Group has demonstrated a commitment to client services and established themselves as skilled and competence team of attorneys. There are numerous lawyers who claim to be the best at handling a bankruptcy, but not many have the commitment and attention to detail as Tony DiTocco and the attorneys of the DiTocco Law Group.

About The DiTocco Law Group, PLLC:

The DiTocco Law Group is committed to providing reliable representation for those seeking a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Fort Lauderdale. Contact the DiTocco Law Group for a consultation today at 954-566-9000 or by visiting them online at and using the Contact Us section of the site. An experienced attorney can really make a difference in a bankruptcy case so call today!

Fewer residents turn to bankruptcy

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Published: Saturday, 03 January 2015
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Fewer local families made the difficult choice to file for bankruptcy when they couldnt afford their bills, with this year poised to have the lowest number of filings in the last six years.

Through November, 635 people filed for bankruptcy in Johnson County, according to statistics by the Southern District of Indiana in the United States Bankruptcy Court, which is made up of 60 counties in the lower half of the state, including Johnson County.

The number of people filing bankruptcy in the county has gone down every year since 2009 when 1,225 residents filed. So far this year, the number of filing is the lowest since 2007, when more than 800 people filed for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcies are down in 2014 for multiple reasons, but a major factor is that the economy is rebounding from the recession that hit the nation in 2008, said Brian Schellenberg, an attorney at the Bankruptcy Law Office of Jon Brown.

Residents are starting to find jobs again, and are able to make payments and pay off student loans or medical bills, he said.

But the decrease in people filing could also be false optimism, attorney Jason Wischmeyer of Wischmeyer Law Office said.

Local bankruptcy filings decline

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Published: Saturday, 03 January 2015
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Bankruptcy filings in federal court in Toledo fell 12 percent in 2014, the fifth straight year of declines.

There were 4,603 cases filed in the court, which covers 21 counties in northwest Ohio. That was the lowest total since the 3,837 cases filed in 2006 the year after bankruptcy reform in the United States took effect. It was also the first time that filings slipped below the 5,000 mark since 2006.

Case filings declined every month in 2014 compared with the same month a year earlier. The last time that occurred was 2011.

Chapter 7 liquidation filings dominated the caseload with 4,185 petitions, a decrease of 12 percent from 2013. There were 409 Chapter 13 repayment cases filed, a decline of 6 percent. There were just 8 Chapter 11 reorganizations cases and one Chapter 15 international bankruptcy case filed in the Toledo court.

After logging a record 16,883 cases in 2005, a year when people in financial distress inundated the bankruptcy court with filings ahead of changes to the federal bankruptcy code, filings dropped, then began rising until they peaked in 2009 at 8,913 cases filed.

They have steadily declined ever since, at one point going 17 straight months without registering an increase from a year earlier.

Continuing declines in the number of bankruptcy cases filed might lead some to conclude that northwest Ohio has an improved economy and that fewer people are struggling with debt.

But two local bankruptcy experts said those conclusions are not necessarily correct.

Kara Bruce, a University of Toledo professor of bankruptcy law and the 2013 resident scholar for the American Bankruptcy Institute in Washington, said that tighter credit markets following the 2009 recession have made bankruptcy irrelevant for many people who struggle financially.

There has been continued limited access to credit for many people, she said. If you have no access to credit, you cant get into debt.

Toledo bankruptcy attorney Stephen Priestap agreed.

Some of the drop in filings is that so many people filed bankruptcy eight or nine years ago, and you also have some population loss. But a lot of it is people dont have as much credit card debt as before because the credit markets are tighter, he said.

As the credit markets have gotten tighter, it has become harder to get loans, harder to get credit cards, and harder to get mortgages for many people.

Mr. Priestap added: Its ironic, but if the economy would pick up, youd probably have more bankruptcy filings because youd have more people with more income and the ability to get themselves into financial trouble.

Ms. Bruce said that while household debt is lower, student loan debt is becoming quite a problem.

But that is not affecting bankruptcy filings because student loan debt cannot be discharged under bankruptcy law, making bankruptcy unavailable to many who could be helped by it.

I keep saying that student loan debt is going to be the next bubble, Mr. Priestap said.

At some point its going to be a big problem. You cant get out from under it under any circumstances, unless maybe disability, and even then its really difficult.

You pretty much have to prove youre unable to work under any circumstances.

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