40 years of being anchored

Category: Basic Money Management Published: Sunday, 25 January 2015 Written by Admin

When our community members have nowhere else to turn they look to Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union for help and guided to financial stability. They can have one-on-one meetings with a financial counselor that helps them create a workable budget.  Many members have been helped by this personal and respectful guidance. Not only has Commodore Perry been anchored in their efforts to guide current memberships to financial stability, they have also been anchored in efforts to help the community's future.  

As part of a financial literacy initiative, Oak Harbor High School students have been learning how to manage their money and develop banking skills through an in-school program. Another program within the financial literacy initiative is incorporated within TNT's after school program at the Oak Harbor Middle School, where the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students can also learn basic money management skills, confidence, and critical thinking. 

Throughout the past forty years Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union has made strides to continuously be anchored in the community by developing hands-on financial literacy programs that guide membership to financial stability. 

Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union would like to thank the community for the continuous support over the past forty years. "We look forward to being anchored with you over the next forty."

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