Mett the Young Leaders: Christian J. Bonner

Category: Basic Money Management Published: Sunday, 22 February 2015 Written by Admin

In less than a year, your role at Wells Fargo Advisors has grown dramatically. To what do you attribute the rise in your responsibilities?

I joined Wells Fargo Advisors through an accelerated cohort known as the Wealth, Brokerage, and Retirement analyst program. This 10-month program provides recent college graduates with valuable exposure and interaction with key executive leaders in each of our major lines of business. It also provides in-depth leadership training covering a wide range of topics, including business writing, presentations delivery, building upon your strengths, developing your areas of opportunity, and communicating effectively.

Since joining First Clearing Correspondent Services-which is an affiliate of Wells Fargo amp; Company, I've taken initiative whenever possible, raising my hand to engage in additional learning opportunities. I'm always willing to accept challenging assignments. By doing this, I've been able to diversify my skill set in a very short period of time. This has allowed me to advance holistically as an individual.

What are some of the most important lessons you have learned during your short tenure at Wells Fargo Advisors?

I've been engaged in a number of initiatives with a steep learning curve. In the process, I've worked with a diverse group of team members from all levels of the organization. Key learnings include building professional relationships, connecting with different "worlds," problem solving, and learning how to lead. In fact, I've come to understand that, while communication is key and collaboration is a must, diverse leadership styles and perspectives are vital for a successful organization. To me, "learnings" like these are actually rewards.  I'm honored to work for a company that's invested in employees' development, both personally and professionally.

In my role with First Clearing, it's also become apparent to me how imperative it is to give back to your community. I serve as a mentor at Vashon High School once a week, in support of the partnership that Wells Fargo Advisors has with Saint Louis Public Schools. I've always been passionate about education and lifelong learning - and I'm equally passionate about this opportunity to serve as a positive influence on high school students and help them recognize the absolute best in themselves.


What satisfaction and encouragement have you received since taking on an initiative to incorporate the 'Hands on Banking' program into the Ferguson-Florissant School District?

Hands on Banking is a program designed for individuals of all generations, from young children to seniors, to help them develop basic money-management skills. The Ferguson-Florissant School District was selected because of the significant impact that Wells Fargo could have on such district.

I feel that the students in this district are benefiting from learning about money management. This is gratifying. However I'm also very interested in helping communities in need, and as many of my supporters know, this is an opportunity to touch the lives of students living in a predominantly minority community.

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