Centra Foundation and Centra Credit Union celebrates Financial Literacy Month

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Lyn Morgan, President of Centra Foundation spoke about the Coloring Contest; "Financial Literacy Education is a main area of focus for Centra Foundation. The foundation is delighted to provide two programs to schools in Decatur and surrounding counties. Our goal in hosting the Coloring Contest is to create community awareness of the importance of financial literacy education and encourage Centra members and the community to join with us to increase the number of schools and students benefiting from programs offered by the foundation. Centra team members at the Greensburg branch are looking forward to displaying children's artwork and know that Centra members will enjoy seeing the colorful displays."

Centra Foundation offers the Making the Right Money Moves program to local high schools. The interactive curriculum is used as a supplement to the regular curriculum at Greensburg Community School and North Decatur High School. Students learn financial responsibility and basic money management including the safe use of debit and credit cards.

Centra Members visiting the Greensburg branch have the opportunity to pick up a Financial Literacy information sheet which includes statistical information and money management tips. Members interested in supporting financial programs in Decatur County are encouraged to add their change to the donation boxes that will be in the branch through the month of April.

Centra Foundation is the charitable arm of Centra Credit Union and was formed to extend the Credit Union's mission of People Helping People. Centra Foundation is Centered on Caring and aims to involve Centra members and friends in supporting charitable efforts that help meet the needs of communities where Centra members work and live.

-- Daily News

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