Prattville church hosts 'Managing Money God's Way' workshop

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Published: Wednesday, 22 April 2015
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The seminar, Managing Money Gods Way, began Saturday in the Book of Proverbs of the Bible as Kasarjian explained how one of the wealthiest men in history, King Solomon, managed his wealth. The next two sessions discussed how to get out of debt and how to live within ones means.

A session Sunday, at 9 and 10 am, Kasarjian is scheduled to talk about Five Things every Christian should know about Money and Financial Advice From God.

Kasarjian helps folks climb out of debt by sharing his own experiences and teaching them to get on the right side of compounding interest.

Twenty years ago I decided I didnt want to have a car payment the rest of my life, so I drove an old beater for four years and I made a car payment to myself instead. At the end of the time I could buy one with cash and I continued to make car payments to myself. I earned interest on that money instead of paying interest on a loan.

He teaches his children basic money management of saving and giving from the money they earn. Kasarjian says starting to save as a child is important, because habits are formed at a young age.

Living within ones means was another topic Kasarjian spoke on. It is the best way to stay out of debt, he said.

Living beyond our means, means we want more or we dont have enough, Kasarjian said. What are we more likely to think, Wow, I wish I had that? or Man, how blessed I am?lt;THgt;

Kasarjian offered these tips to live within ones earnings:

Central Iow RSVP: April 19

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Published: Tuesday, 21 April 2015
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Women with Initiative

The purpose of this program is to help women achieve self-sufficiency and confidence through financial education. Through financial workshops and one-to-one mentoring women, who are financially at risk, build financial skills. Program directors are looking for women interested in volunteering to serve as mentors. The primary role of the mentor is to provide support and encouragement as the mentee identifies financial goals and action steps, and implements strategies for achieving them. Volunteers do not need to have previous mentoring experience or financial background; however, knowledge of basic money management skills are preferred. Volunteers should be comfortable working with disadvantaged individuals and have the ability to accept individuals with different values and lifestyles than their own. Volunteers should respect and support participants' rights to self-determination and independence. To find out more about how to become a mentor for this empowering program, call Arti at (515) 292-8890.

Story City Chamber of Commerce

If you are looking for something fun to do in the beautiful weather, consider helping out with the Viking Games and a 5K Fun Run in Story City on Saturday, April 25 These events conclude the community's three-month fitness initiative. Volunteers are needed to assist with the Fun Run from 8 to 11 am; and the Viking Games from noon to 3 pm To find out more about what volunteer positions are needed, call (515) 292-8890.

Salvation Army Bill Payer Program

The Bill Payer Program offers peace of mind for those needing help to manage monthly bill paying. It is a service that enables low-income older adults and people with disabilities to remain in the community with the assurance that their monthly financial obligations have been met. Compassionate, trained volunteers meet one-on-one with individuals in their own homes to help with the tasks of monthly bill-paying. The client makes all financial decisions and signs all checks. Meetings take place once or twice monthly at a mutually convenient time; generally the time commitment is four to six hours a month, including reporting. Training and supervision are provided. To find out more about this flexible volunteer opportunity, call Arti at (515) 292-8890.

RSVP Pillowcase Project

In collaboration with the American Red Cross, Central Iowa RSVP will be launching a new disaster preparedness project for kids. Volunteers who enjoy working with third- to fifth-graders are needed to present this unique learning material, centered around a pillowcase! Training will be provided. Information will be presented to kids clubs, 4-H Clubs, summer educational programs, neighborhood children's groups, etc. To find out more about this exceptional educational program, call Betty at (515) 292-8890.

Summer Food and Enrichment Program

United Way of Story County, in collaboration with YSS of Ames and the Nevada Community School District is sponsoring a summer enrichment and meal program in both Ames and Nevada. Students K-8 will be invited to participate in STEM activities, free of charge, and will be provided with breakfast, lunch and snack. Volunteers are needed for following positions from June 1 to July 9 from Monday through Thursday: Registration Volunteers: Greet and check in volunteers; Lunchroom Buddies: (Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack) -- During both lunch and breakfast, volunteers will supervise and sit with students, talking with them and encouraging them to eat. Volunteers will also assist with lunchroom clean-up; Classroom Assistants -- One week commitment is required for this position. Volunteers will work alongside another assistant and an experienced classroom facilitator with pre-determined activities. Volunteer should enjoy interacting with and working with young children and be flexible in their role; Meal Servers (Breakfast and Lunch) -- Youth and adult volunteers will help serve meal to children. Must use basic food safety practices and take direction from the meal crew leader. Volunteers will also assist with cleaning meal areas; Floating Assistants -- Adult volunteer will agree to fill any position, implement "Back Pocket" activities on a whim, or just play with the children. Volunteer must be willing to adapt and be comfortable with children and youth; Bus Room Supervisor (Nevada only): Volunteers will supervise and check in students to the bus room. They will also work with assistants to provide activities for the children as they wait for the bus; Bus Room Assistants (Nevada Only): Volunteers play with the children and maintain a flow of activities while students wait for the buses. Volunteers will work with supervisor and must be comfortable working with children; Recess Assistants (Nevada only): Assist with supervision and playground management during recess time. Volunteers must be comfortable working with children.

Food at First

Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, serving and clean-up at the Food at First program at First Christian Church in downtown Ames. Volunteers are needed from 5:15 to 6:45 pm on Thursday, May 14, and on Monday, May 18.

Money management class offered

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Published: Monday, 20 April 2015
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Basic Money Management, a class offered by the Ohio State University Extension, Hancock County, will be taught from 11:30 am to 1 pm April 29 at the Family Center, 1800 N. Blanchard St., room 119.
Jenny Schaub, Hancock Saves program coordinator, will lead the 90-minute workshop. Participants will learn how to reevaluate wants and needs, develop and manage a spending plan and discover money they are unaware they have.
Cost is $10 per person to cover materials. Scholarships may be available; inquire when registering. Registration is required and closes at the end of the business day on the day prior to the scheduled workshop. To enroll or obtain more information, call the OSU Extension office at 419-422-3851.



Centra Foundation and Centra Credit Union celebrates Financial Literacy Month

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Published: Friday, 17 April 2015
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Lyn Morgan, President of Centra Foundation spoke about the Coloring Contest; "Financial Literacy Education is a main area of focus for Centra Foundation. The foundation is delighted to provide two programs to schools in Decatur and surrounding counties. Our goal in hosting the Coloring Contest is to create community awareness of the importance of financial literacy education and encourage Centra members and the community to join with us to increase the number of schools and students benefiting from programs offered by the foundation. Centra team members at the Greensburg branch are looking forward to displaying children's artwork and know that Centra members will enjoy seeing the colorful displays."

Centra Foundation offers the Making the Right Money Moves program to local high schools. The interactive curriculum is used as a supplement to the regular curriculum at Greensburg Community School and North Decatur High School. Students learn financial responsibility and basic money management including the safe use of debit and credit cards.

Centra Members visiting the Greensburg branch have the opportunity to pick up a Financial Literacy information sheet which includes statistical information and money management tips. Members interested in supporting financial programs in Decatur County are encouraged to add their change to the donation boxes that will be in the branch through the month of April.

Centra Foundation is the charitable arm of Centra Credit Union and was formed to extend the Credit Union's mission of People Helping People. Centra Foundation is Centered on Caring and aims to involve Centra members and friends in supporting charitable efforts that help meet the needs of communities where Centra members work and live.

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