4 shot, including boys 13 and 14, in Washington Park neighborhood

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She said that he is a good student who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

All kids got their ups and downs, but he is a good kid, Askew said.

The Carter Elementary School student plays running back in football and boxed with the Chicago Boxing Club in Little Village.

While he was shocked his cousin lived, Cornelius Malik El Shabazz, 20, said he wasnt surprised that he got shot in the city of Chicago.

You see people get shot every day in the news, he said. Except you get numb to it.

Shabazz said that another of his cousins and a cousin of the 14-year-old, Vaughn Holeman, who is the same age was killed this summer, at 115th Street and Princeton Avenue. He believes Davonte was not the target.

Hes a great dude, his cousin, Shabazz said. I know its not (intended) for him. He has too much to offer the world to be taken.

The shooting took place in an area that is seeing heavy gang conflict involving a gang to which at least three of the victims belong and another gang, according to police, but authorities have not said whether any of those injured were the intended targets.

A Chicago Fire Department spokesman said ambulances had treated victims at the Michigan Avenue location, but referred all calls to police News Affairs.

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