Face in the News: Picking up the pieces after Paris attacks

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Published: Tuesday, 13 January 2015
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WASHINGTON (CBS News) - Millions of people turned out in France over the weekend to march in solidarity after a week of fear and carnage. But as the world tries to move on from the horror of the past weeks terrorist attacks, one question still lingers: How do we prevent this from happening again?

Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to Paris over the weekend to meet with foreign leaders to tackle that question. He also announced a summit on extremism to be held next month in Washington

Appearing on Face The Nation on Sunday, Holder said the Obama administration would work closely with its allies to prevent future attacks by Western-born jihadists who are increasingly traveling to places like Syria and Yemen to train with terrorist groups. He also spoke about the threat of so-called homegrown extremists who can be radicalized here in the US by things they see on the Internet.

Its something that frankly keeps me up at night, Holder said. Worrying about the lone wolf or a group of people, a very small group of people, who decide to get arms on their own and do what we saw in France this week. Its the kind of thing that our government is focused on doing all that we can, in conjunction with our state and local counterparts to try to make sure that it does not happen.

He also said that investigation into whether former CIA Director David Petraeus disclosed classified information to his mistress was being handled by the highest levels at the Justice Department.

His comments were covered by the Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, National Review, The Hill, the International Business Times, BuzzFeed News, the Washington Free Beacon.

On the issue of threats to the homeland, NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller told Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer that the department was reviewing a new ISIS video that called on Muslims to attack police in their home countries. His comments were covered by CNN and the Washington Times.

Two top Republicans said Sunday on Face The Nation that President Obama and his European counterparts need to take a tougher stand on terrorism in the face of new, complex threats.

We had the woman, the female terrorist, leave and go to Syria -- but shes on a no-fly list, said Rep. Michael McCaul, the Texas Republican who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee. Europe has to strengthen and tighten its travel restrictions, but we need to look at protecting this country because I see it as a real threat.

McCauls comments were picked up by The Hill and the International Business Times.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, the second most powerful Senate Republican, said President Obama has a tendency toward political correctness and doesnt even use tough talk when it comes to terrorism.

And they are calling the war on terror overseas contingency operations, Cornyn said. We need to call it what it is. Because thats the first step to actually dealing with it on a realistic basis.

Turning to domestic issues, Congress is expected to authorize construction of the Keystone Pipeline this week. President Obama has threatened to veto the bill, and Cornyn admitted Sunday that the Senate probably cant override it.

His comments were covered by Bloomberg News, The Hill, the Washington Times and CNN.

Will Uber Be the Hottest IPO of 2015? - Stocks in the News

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Published: Saturday, 10 January 2015
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Picture this: its 3 oclock in the morning, and all you want to do is leave the overcrowded bar, eat some pizza, and go to bed. Or you bought way too much stuff at Target-because of course you had to look through the clearance aisles-and there is no way youre getting all those bags home on the bus without tripping or falling. Or you just had a long, stressful day at work, and the thought of squishing yourself in with thousands of other commuters on the train makes you want to die a slow and painful death.

So what do you do?

Pick up your phone and open the Uber app, and like a fairytale, your transportation woes vanish with the digital sight of a car heading your way.

Launched back in 2010, Uber is an app-based transportation company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Today, it operates in numerous cities across the United States as well as more than 50 countries worldwide. The company uses a smartphone app to receive ride requests, and then sends out these requests to their drivers who transport the customers to their final destinations.

Uber Controversy

While Uber has seen great success, it has run into some roadblocks as of late.Uber has been in and out of the news thanks to legal and publicity issues in a variety of countries for a number of issues. Right now, the company faces trouble in New York City for noncompliance due to a failure to adhere to requests from the citys Taxi amp; Limousine Commission. 5 out of 6 Uber bases have been unwilling to provide any electronic trip data, legal documents allege.

Because of increased regulatory concerns and lack of driver background checks, Uber has been banned in The Netherlands, Thailand, and India. Scrutiny has increased in Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia due to these same issues. Portland, Oregon and the state of Nevada have suspended Uber services due to regulatory concerns as well.

As the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, and this recent bad press has yet to negatively affect Uber. In fact, Uber is already rumored to be generating about $2 billion in net revenue annually, not bad for a company that is less than a decade old.

Uber IPO

Despite these recent controversies, investors are eagerly awaiting an Uber IPO. Many believe that the company will go public at some point this year, continuing the recent IPO boom.

An upcoming IPO for Uber would also be massive, as the company is currently valued at an amazing $41 billion after landing $1 billion in financing at the beginning of last December. And thanks to Ubers structure-a unique combination of transportation company, mobile Internet company, and real world engineering-the company is being touted as one of the best IPO candidates for 2015.

2015 IPO Field

Uber joins a varied list of companies with potential high profile IPOs in 2015. Airbnb, a room rental service, is worth an estimated $13 billion, which makes it worth more than well-known hotel chains Wyndham ( WYN ), Holiday Inn owner InterContinental Hotels ( IHG ), and Hyatt ( H ).

Snapchat, the popular photo and video sharing app, is also seen as a hot IPO prospect. The reported value of the company is an estimated $10 billion.

Spotify and Pinterest, the former a worldwide leader in digital music and the latter a site used to create digital pin boards, are both amid swirling rumors of high profile IPOs for 2015.

This barely scratches the potential IPO offering for the year though, suggesting that we could see a very busy year for initial public offerings in a number of market sectors.

Continuing the Trend

If even a fraction of these companies go public, it will continue the IPO boom that investors witnessed in 2014. The past year was the best in more than a decade for IPOs as more than $85 billion was raised in offerings, a huge increase over 2013s $54.9 billion total.

Among the biggest IPOs of the year were portable HD camera maker GoPro ( GPRO ), Candy Crush developer King Digital ( KING ), and peer-to-peer lending company Lending Club ( LC ). This group had very mixed performances in 2014 with GPRO adding more than 100% as KING shares slid to the tune of 20% (LC made its debut in December and was up 6.4% in its first few weeks on the market).

Yet all of these pale in comparison to the IPO of Chinas biggest online commerce company, Alibaba ( BABA ). This firm dominated IPO headlines, and was a huge influence on trading in Yahoo (YHOO) stock as well.

The company raised nearly $22 billion in its offering, making it the largest US IPO of all time. BA BA stock , meanwhile, has seen immense volatility since its debut in September, though the stock has risen over 10% for its trading in 2014, easily beating the market in the time frame.

How Might Uber Perform?

Ubers IPO, then, could go either way, but let one number stay in your mind; $41 billion. Let me write that again: $41 billion. This number, Ubers valuation, is a hard one to forget, and a figure that will be on the forefront of many investors minds come the time of the offering as it showcases just how far this startup has come in a few short years.

The pressure will likely be intense for Uber though, as competitors like Lyft and Sidecar are starting to eat into market share, while regulatory issues and bad PR arent helping the companys image.

However, it is hard to bet against a company that has seen such massive growth, and it seems likely that this will be another IPO that draws in the retail investor who is looking to cash in on an increasingly household name that is going public for the first time. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for an Uber IPO later in the year, as this could definitely be the hottest offering of 2015 by far.

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WTMJ-AM back in the ag-news business

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Published: Saturday, 10 January 2015
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Face in the News: What's in store for 2015?

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Published: Saturday, 10 January 2015
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WASHINGTON (CBS News) - The new year is underway, and so is the political wrangling.

The 114th Congress begins this week, and many of the same issues from last year have carried over into 2015. Race relations are still on the front-burner, with new protests expected in New York. And everyone is wondering how things will be different with Republicans running the show on Capitol Hill.

Their first priority? Send President Obama a bill authorizing the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, signaled Sunday on Face The Nation that Democrats, now in the Senate minority, would not give up their fight against Keystone XL, which they say could harm the environment.

Republicans have the votes to pass the bill, but Democrats will try to add amendments to ensure the pipeline is built with American steel and oil from the project would be used here at home, Schumer said.

These amendments will make it better, but certainly not good enough at this time, Schumer said. I think there will be enough Democratic votes to sustain the presidents veto.

The third-ranking Senate Democrat also spoke about the latest NYPD funeral in Brooklyn, offering his condolences to the family of slain officer Wenjian Liu. His comments were covered by The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, Politico, The Hill, the Huffington Post, the Washington Free Beacon, Bloomberg News and CNN.

The national conversation on race continued this week, as President Barack Obama said in an interview with NPR last month that racial divisions have improved during his tenure. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich disagreed, and said Sunday that the US is further apart, not closer together on race.

Thats a tragic failure of leadership at the very top, Gingrich said.

His comments were covered by the Chicago Sun-Times, National Review, The Week and Newsmax.

Gingrich echoed comments made earlier by Rep. Elijah Cummings on the need for federal hearings on the criminal justice system. The Maryland Democrat said Congress should review the issue because this is something that affects a very significant part of our population.

Cummings comments were covered by The Hill.

Finally, on the topic of Ebola, Sen. Chris Coons shared new details about the outbreak in West Africa. The Democrat from Delaware recently returned to a trip from Liberia, which has seen 8,000 cases.

Coons said that the Pentagon should shift its strategy for the 2,400 American troops stationed there.

We can bring home a thousand or more of these troops now, Coons said. They are currently bored because they have accomplished a lot of their mission of building infrastructure, building new Ebola treatment units all over the country, deploying new military testing labs all over the country and setting up a vital infrastructure.

His comments were covered by the Associated Press and Bloomberg News.